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We partner with our customers to provide solutions in Enterprise Mobility, Portal / Web Solutions, Middleware, File transfer solutions. We strive to deliver solutions which are scalable, secure and stable.

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IBM Aspera data transfer solutions
We tailor data transfer solutions to many different needs and businesses of any size – from the small organization to the global enterprise.

IBM Watson
We build and deploy chatbots and virtual agents using IBM Watson across a variety of channels, including mobile devices, messaging platforms, and portals.

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IBM Middleware
Enterprise service bus (Middleware) platform integrates multiple IT systems, applications and data by adhering to SoA principles.

IBM Portfolios

Aspera success story: VLSI Design services company

SoCtronic- VLSI Designing Service and Embedded Software Development Company, offers complete Spec-to-Silicon turnkey solutions in Logic Design, Physical Design, Analog Mixed Signal Design, Layout and Software Engineering. The clientele are technology companies located in USA, EU and China and also their subsidiary design centres in India.

Oman Arab Banks' Open API Banking Hackathon

Client Description

Oman Arab Bank look forward for innovations in Lending, Risk management, Trading, Investing, Personal finance, Big-Data, Retail banking, Regulatory compliance, Mobile payments, Security and Enterprise social.The Innovation Hub will offer opportunities to innovate, network and create inactive solutions among developers, designers, industry mentors, and key decision makers.

Business Need

OAB is delighted to launch its first Innovation Hub for students, professionals (fintechs, start-ups and IT professionals) and employees.This first-of-its-kind innovation platform in Oman gives young and professional innovators the opportunity to display their innovative solutions (in the form of a prototype) around specific themes.This is an initiative to promote the development of financial technology for Oman Arab Bank and its customers with help of Fintech.OAB's innovation lab organizes the Hackathon with an intension of bringing together participants like Start-up/FinTech ventures, Institutes, developers and designers to develop financial products and discover new technologies for the Bank.


IBM Integration Bus: Integration - Connect applications together, regardless of the message formats or protocols… Core Banking systems, CRM, loan-originating system and other diverse banking application to interact and exchange data with each other.
1. IBM DataPower: Secure - Leverage the best-in-class API Gateway, gateway policies, and more, to manage access to your APIs and back-end systems.
2. IBM API Connect:Create - Develop and write API definitions from an API development environment, eventuaally bundling these APIs into consumable products, and deploying them to production environments.
Manage - Governance structures are built in to the entire API lifecycle, from managing the view/edit permissions of APIs and Products being deployed, to managing what application developers can view and subscribe to when APIs are deployed.
3. Analytics: Analyze - Developers and Product Managers alike are given the tooling in API Connect to understand their API traffic patterns, latency, consumption, and more to make data driven insights into their API initiatives.
4. API Developer portal: Socialize - API Connect comes with an advanced Developer Portal that streamlines the onboarding process of application developers, and can be completely customized to an organization's marketing standards.


Participants will have 24hrs to develop their prototypes at the Bank's premises using any innovative technology, platform, framework, language and will then need to present them to a panel of judges. One winner/team will be selected from each category.
The Students Challenge: Banking for Millennials, show cased what they think a banking experience to look like, by building on an existing product/service or creating a new one that would enhance the customer's Experience, or shape our digital economy and payment solutions or any other crazy idea.
The Professionals Challenge: Unleashed the power of Open Banking to create new customer experiences, revenue models and industry ecosystems. Displayed a unique and innovative Use Case around this theme.

Electronic Corporation of India Limited

Client Description

ECIL is a Government of India Enterprise, is a multi-product, multi-disciplinary organization with focus on indigenous nuclear energy, space and Defense sectors. ECIL also has a strong presence in indigenous Electronic Security, Communications, Networking and e-governance domains.

Business Need

Airport Authority of India, a customer of ECIL decided to commence the submission and approval of flight schedule planning online. This facility is available for all charted flight owners and for various Indian Military agencies.


Flight plan application is a java-based custom application, which is to be hosted on IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS). Mobile App has also been developed will consume the services of the flight plan application. The custom flight plan application and these services are securely exposed in via IBM DataPower Gateway. The complete infrastructure orchestrated to get high availability and load balancing at all the layers of the environment. (WAS ND Cluster, DataPower Cluster with AO, IBM MQ & Mobile First)


Digitization of flight plan approvals potential to scale it to the commercial usage. High availability of the application via web and mobile.

Indian subsidiary of a Global Automotive Financial Services

Client Description

The client in India through its global expertise will offer unique products, pricing and service exclusively to their customers.Strives to provide you an easy and comfortable experience during the purchase through the partnership with their dealer network and provides a range of products to suits the individual vehicle financing needs.

Business Need

The organization planned to implement Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for its Financial Services business. ESB would be used to integrate between their core lending applications, dealer funding system, SAP and third-party systems. One of the prime reason for implementing ESB is for automating the financial reconciliations process between various internal and banking partners.


Implementing file transfer and integration framework to automate the data movement securely between the banking partners (external) and internal applications using IBM App Connect.Control & monitor all the interfaces with notification and alert mechanism with PDG encryption and decryption algorithms.


Automation of process, reduction in manual intervention, scalable solution in place, quicker reconciliation and poised for next level maturity to share the internal data for external consumption.

Aspera success story: A comprehensive digital national news platform

It is a comprehensive digital national news platform conceived to deliver seamless news and information services, using video-centric Mobile App and Web Portals. It is first-of-its kind offering in India in terms of diversity and depth, dedicated journalists network, reach of 23 states with services in 13 languages.It will combine the new technologies of mobile and digital media to engage news and information seekers in a new connected world. It will be driven by well-established news gathering setup, technology specialists and other professionals.

IBM Aspera for banking: Moments matter

IBM Aspera solutions enable banks to move, share and synchronize large files and data sets, digital assets and backups quickly and securely. These highly scalable solutions are built to handle the largest data requirements at maximum speed, regardless of data size, type, distance or network conditions.

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