What is IBM API Connect?

IBM API Connect is a modern and intuitive API lifecycle platform to create, securely expose, manage and test APIs across clouds to power digital applications.

What does IBM API Connect offer?

  • To create new APIs
  • To manage existing APIs easily
  • API Designer tool to manage the APIs.
  • Secure the APIs with easy to implement policies 
  • Socialize APIs through the Developer Portal.
  • Provide analytics on the usage and trends

Features of IBM API Connect

  • Secure to the core with a signed, encrypted gateway image without external software dependencies to minimize risk
  • Proven API security policies at runtime to quickly protect services and data 
  • Performant & scalable architecture to help meet SLAs and improve client user experience 
  • Automated Configuration for built-in policies for security, traffic management & mediation to accelerate time to value
  • Flexible and extensible to align with enterprise requirements and the need for custom policies
  • Workload tenant isolation to optimize TCO and governance on physical appliances across multiple LOBs 
  • Deployable on premise or in any cloud enables gateway to be co-located with business applications maximizing security and performance

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