An Introduction to IBM Message Queue(MQ)

What is IBM Message Queue(MQ)/MQ Advanced?

  • IBM Message Queue is a messaging platform to integrate applications via data integration using the asynchronous integration method 
  • By way of data queues, the MQ manages protocol and message format mismatches, lack of scalability of the receiving application, and sudden transient peaks in load
  • By simultaneously integrating with many receiving applications by way of publishing/subscribe type of integration.
  • With MQ Advanced, gain the ability to do managed file transfer, advanced message security, telemetry, integration with IBM Blockchain, and clustering of MQ nodes.

IBM Message Queue(MQ) Integration & Use Cases

what are the data integration requirements?

  • Accelerate delivery with faster integration by using data queues and asynchronous integration methods.
  • Build and deploy new data integrations faster
  • Reduce cost and increase re-use of the enterprise data

What are the pain points it tries to solve?

  • Protocol or message format mismatch or adapters not available for an urgent requirement.
  • Receiving applications can not handle the volume of data coming in
  • To avoid sudden spikes in the data requests
  • To maintain the high availability of the platform
  • To provide the same data to multiple applications
  • Try not to lose the incoming data from applications.

What are the IBM MQ use cases?

  • Deploy and update data integrations rapidly and seamlessly
  • Scale on-demand with an infrastructure that automatically adjusts to transient peaks in real-time
  • Design and build new integrations reusing existing assets with simple low-code tooling
  • Standardize operations, management, access management, and logging across integration components 

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