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IBM MQ Advanced is one component of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration portfolio. Pronteff can provide services related to IBM MQ Advanced solution for installation and support

An Introduction to IBM Message Queue (MQ)

What is IBM Message Queue (MQ) / MQ Advanced?

  • IBM Message Queue is a messaging platform to integrate applications via data integration using the asynchronous integration method
  • By way of data queues, the MQ manages protocol and message format mismatches, lack of scalability of the receiving application, and sudden transient peaks in load
  • By simultaneously integrating with many receiving applications by way of publishing/subscribe type of integration.
  • With MQ Advanced, gain the ability to do managed file transfer, advanced message security, telemetry, integration with IBM Blockchain, and clustering of MQ nodes. 

IBM Message Queue (MQ) Integration & Use Cases

what are the data integration requirements?

  • Accelerate delivery with faster integration by using data queues and asynchronous integration methods.
  • Build and deploy new data integrations faster
  • Reduce cost and increase re-use of the enterprise data

What are the pain points it tries to solve?

  • Protocol or message format mismatch or adapters not available for an urgent requirement.
  • Receiving applications can not handle the volume of data coming in
  • To avoid sudden spikes in the data requests
  • To maintain the high availability of the platform
  • To provide the same data to multiple applications
  • Try not to lose the incoming data from applications.

What are the IBM MQ use cases?

  • Deploy and update data integrations rapidly and seamlessly
  • Scale on-demand with an infrastructure that automatically adjusts to transient peaks in real-time
  • Design and build new integrations reusing existing assets with simple low-code tooling
  • Standardize operations, management, access management, and logging across integration components 

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