IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I) Partners

Pronteff is an IBM Gold business partner in the integration space, especially for IBM Cloud Pak for integration (CP4I) which takes care of all integration needs of enterprises by providing required tools, security, and support.

What is Cloud Pak Integration?

A hybrid integration solution, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I) offers an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across several enterprise integration styles. Companies can accelerate integration development by 300%, cut costs by more than 33%, and uphold improved security, governance, and availability with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.

Capabilities of the IBM Cloud Pak Integration(CP4I)

It brings together proven, best-in-class capabilities to deliver a streamlined forward-looking modern integration solution, available as a single high-value purchase at a lower cost. This brand-new product combines many tools into a single solution incorporating technological and conventional goods. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration simplifies purchasing, deployment, management, and maintenance of Integration requirements of any enterprise.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration enables

  • Best breed capabilities across the broadest set of integration styles (Application, APIs, Messaging, Events, Fast Transfer, and Messaging) to lower project risk
  • Secure integration to any cloud, SaaS service, or on-prem environment for ultimate flexibility
  • Centralized single pane of glass administration across integration styles and environments to reduce TCO
  • Modern container-based architecture for scale and performance
  • Out-of-box reuse and control to speed integration projects.

Features of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integrating Complex Solutions

The speed, flexibility, security, and scale needed for integration and digital transformation activities are partly supported by it. Additionally, it has a set of pre-integrated capabilities that include integration security, messaging and events, high-speed transfer, API lifecycle, application, and data integration.

API management

Centrally manage APIs across hybrid cloud deployments
IBM API Connect®

Application integration

Integrate apps and data no matter where they live
IBM App Connect

Enterprise messaging

Receive the information you need when you need it — once and once only
IBM MQ/MQ Advanced

Event streaming

Build intelligent, responsive applications that react to events in real time
Event Streaming

High-speed data transfer

Move data of any size or volume around the world at maximum speed
IBM Aspera®

End-to-end security

Create a persistent, encrypted connection between environments
IBM DataPower® Gateway

The following components are integrated into IBM Cloud Pak also known as IBM Cloud Pak for Integration(CP4I)

  • Platform Navigator is a simplified component-spanning integrated user interface.
  • OpenShift, provides a Kubernetes-based foundation
  • IBM API Connect, implementing and managing APIs
  • IBM App Connect Enterprise, providing integration workflows
  • IBM MQ Advanced, for robust guaranteed transport and secure messaging.
  • IBM Event Streams, for event handling based on Kafka technology
  • IBM DataPower Gateway, for gateway services.
  • IBM Aspera, for large file transfer across any distance, network and size

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