What is IBM App Connect?

  • The powerful all-in-one tool to easily connect apps, integrate data, build APIs and act on events
  • It connects everything with Universal connectivity options across Cloud services, SaaS applications, Cloud platforms, and existing on-premises applications. It can easily expose orchestrated data as APIs and act on events as they happen.

What does IBM App Connect offer?

  • Powerful integration tooling 
  • Build and manage integrations for any requirement 
  • Utilize with Designer to enable greater collaboration
  • Support for many protocols and adapters
  • Support for encryption/decryption
  • Support for cloud applications integration 
  • Support for integration with databases

What are the Integration requirements?

  • Accelerate delivery with a more agile integration architecture
  • Build and deploy new, re-usable integrations in minutes
  • Reduce cost and increase re-use and interoperability with simplified operations

What are the pain points it tries to solve?

  • Traditional monolithic integration architectures are complex to manage and slow to change
  • Maintaining multiple products with limited integration and overlapping capabilities is inefficient and costly, and prevents re-use
  • The application teams work at a different speed to the integration infrastructure teams, and see them as a bottleneck
  • Protocol or message format mismatch or adapters not available for an urgent requirement.

What are the App Connect use cases?

  • Deploy and update integrations rapidly and seamlessly
  • Scale on-demand with an infrastructure that automatically adjusts to transient peaks in real-time
  • Make integrations portable, and simple to move to new environments and locations to meet capacity growth needs 
  • Design and build new integrations reusing existing assets with simple low-code tooling
  • Instantly on board and integrate new apps and partners with a comprehensive range of pre-built connectors
  • Gain end-to-end visibility and control of all integrations across the business
  • Empower agile teams to build and deploy their own integrations without losing central insight
  • Standardize operations, management, access management, and logging across integration components 

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