What is IBM DataPower Gateway?

IBM DataPower API Gateway is a purpose-built secure appliance for handling traditional or cloud-based workloads using enterprise-grade security, integration capabilities, controlling the workloads by using rate limiting and routing features, and optimizing the workloads by using built-in features like TLS and XML/JSON offload, and caching, etc.,

What does IBM DataPower Gateway offer?

  • Support for security, encryption/decryption, authentication, and authorization.
  • Transport layer security 
  • Various message formats support
  • Database support
  • Programming language support like JS, and XSLT.

IBM DataPower Gateway key capabilities


  • Authentication, authorization, auditing
  • Security token translation
  • Threat protection
  • Schema validation
  • Message filtering
  • Message digital signature
  • Message encryption


  • Any-to-any message transformation
  • Transport protocol bridging
  • Message enrichment
  • Database connectivity
  • Mainframe connectivity
  • B2B trading partner connectivity
  • Hybrid cloud integration
  • Multi-cloud support


  • Quota enforcement, rate limiting
  • Content-based routing
  • Failure re-routing
  • Integration with governance, monitoring, and management platforms
  • B2B partner management


  • SSL/TLS offload
  • Hardware-accelerated crypto operations
  • JSON, XML offload
  • JavaScript, JSONiq, XSLT, XQuery acceleration
  • Response caching
  • Intelligent load distribution

IBM DataPower Features

  • Seamless configuration migration
    Easily move configuration between form factors
  • Deployment flexibility and elasticity
    “Right size” the deployment, quickly deploy where needed & rapidly scale
  • Workload isolation
    Projects can use their own instances
  • Unbounded memory scalability
    Memory can be added to instances without additional licensing
  • Low cost for Dev & Test environments
    Developers & Non-Prod versions include add-on software modules at no additional charge
  • Free disaster recovery
    Warm or cold backup without additional licenses when licensed for Production
  • Flexible licensing and entitlement
    Sub-capacity licensing, Monthly licensing option 
  • Entitlement to future product versions
    at no additional charge with active maintenance (S&S)

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