What are today’s enterprises new integration requirements?

  • React to events real-time as they happen
  • Provide responsive and personalized user experience
  • Uncover new insights from the interactions and respond in real-time

What are IBM Event Streams?

  • It is an Apache Kafka-based platform to handle events across the enterprise and provide access to event data for further processing by way of event streaming or bulk processing.
  • It is a robust and scalable platform with IBM expertise and multi deployment options across the cloud and within the data center.
  • IBM Event Streams distributes and processes streams of events in real-time to intelligently engage with clients

IBM Event Stream Benefits

  • Insights from static data are great, but the speed of event streaming means that it’s possible to supply data to conduct analytics and respond in real-time 
  • Take it further and apply Machine Learning to take action ahead of the competition

Benefits of IBM Event Stream

  • Event streaming offers a great way to feed data to warehouse/batch analytics 
  • Data is available whenever analytics processing is ready to process it
  • Allows data analytics to be taken offline without losing any data
  • Data replay/history is always available

Why IBM Event Streaming

  • As part of digital business transformation
  • For business agility
  • Intelligent Applications
  • Maximize customer engagement

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