Oman Arab Bank: Digital Transformation

Client: Oman Arab Bank

Category: Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)

Client Description:

The Bank looks forward to innovations in Lending, Risk management, Trading, Investing, Personal finance, Big-Data, Retail banking, Regulatory compliance, Mobile payments, Security, and Enterprise social.

The bank is delighted to launch its first Innovation Hub for students, professionals, and employees.

The Innovation Hub will offer opportunities to innovate, network, and create solutions among developers, designers, industry mentors, and key decision-makers.

Business Need: 

Bank’s innovation lab organizes the Hackathon with an intention of bringing together participants like Start-up/FinTech ventures, institutes, developers, and designers to develop financial products and discover new technologies.

This first-of-its-kind innovation platform in Oman gives young and professional innovators the opportunity to display their innovative solutions prototypes around specific themes.

This is an initiative to promote the development of financial technology for the Bank and its customers with help of Fintech.


IBM Integration Bus
IBM DataPower
IBM API Connect

IBM Integration Bus:

Connect applications together, regardless of the message formats or protocols… Core Banking systems, CRM, loan-originating systems, and other diverse banking applications interact and exchange data with each other.

IBM DataPower:

Secure – Leverage the best-in-class API Gateway, gateway policies, and more, to manage access to your APIs and back-end systems.

IBM API Connect:

Develop and write API definitions from an API development environment, bundling these APIs into consumable products, and deploying them to production.


Participants will have 24hrs to develop their prototypes at the Bank’s premises using any innovative technology, platform, framework, language and will then need to present them to a panel of judges. 

Challenge 1:

Banking for Millennials, show case what they think a banking experience to look like, by building on an existing product/service or creating a new one that would enhance the customer’s experience or any other crazy idea.

Challenge 2:

Unleashed the power of Open Banking to create new revenue models and industry ecosystems.