Divisional Security Commissioner / RPF

Railway Protection Force(RPF) – Staff Appraisal System

Client: Railway Protection Force – Central Government

Category: FullStack Applications

Date: Dec’ 2021

RPF, Hubli Division came up with an idea to have their appraisal process transparent to all the officers involved and the ground staff. They have this unique constraint to eradicate any malpractice and targeted duty allocations within any individual posts or outposts.

React JS
React Native
Mongo DB
Node JS

The key challenge is the automatic duty allocations to the staff members with the rotation system with respect to beat points, shifts, and timely rest. Pronteff has developed an algorithm that enables the Posts/outposts doesn’t have to allocate duties manually, and the automatic allocation systems don’t allow a particular person to be allotted the same shifts or beat points. In case of any manual interference, the system triggers approval requests, which keeps everything transparent.

Apart from the duty allocations, the staff members are tracked for their work done and also capture the act of kindness which is the most important aspect, as those deeds are not tangible. The application is now currently at the Pilot stage at Hubli (SWA) which has 450+ staff and 9+ Posts.