Kanobe - A Sales CRM Application developed for Kota Energy, USA

Client: Kota Energy

Category: FullStack Applications

Date: August 2021

Kanobe is a wholesome CRM system, customized extensively for Solar company’s retail outlets and salesmen on the field. The iPad application developed has complex UI aspects with multiple animations and data graphs. We optimized the system performance which gives a greater UI experience.

iPad app using React Native
Node JS

In Kanobe, the major challenge is the huge of data coming from external APIs and relevant display UI components, for which we have given a great solution that every stakeholder is happy with. Integrated Weather APIs, Tenant APIs, Solar energy savings APIs and also shown the animated illustrations of Government Subsidies and Ware & tare which may happen over time.

Key Challenge: One of the crucial solutions of the application showing how the rooftop of the customer looks after setting up Solar panels and what would be energy produced illustrating on Google which was done using Unity3d and we have integrated the Unity3d in React Native App.